10 is the number of endings and beginnings. Zero plus one is one and it’s time to start again. It’s about coming to the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. This is a time for you to introduce new practices into your life and also a time to dissolve those that no longer serve you.

You can start your ‘10 Minutes – 10 Days – 1 Practice’ at a time that is convenient to you. 1:1 CONVERSATIONS are scheduled at times that suit you either in person or online. Daily messages sent directly to you (not a group) are on a platform of your choice eg. Messenger, WhatsApp etc. Customise this experience to suit you!

What you will receive:

  • A 1:1 CONVERSATION at the beginning of the experience to work out what you’d like to get out of the your 10 Minutes – 10 Days – 1 Practice
  • Access to 10 Minutes at Sunrise #somecallitmeditation
  • A daily message relevant to your chosen practice
  • Instant messaging anytime you like during your 10 days
  • A 1:1 CONVERSATION at the end of the experience to explore taking your experience forward

Add on options:

  • Additional one hour 1:1 CONVERSATIONS (including tarot if requested) A$50 per CONVERSATION
  • 6 YinYOGA classes at a discounted rate of A$60
  • Hormone Balancing YOGA classes at a discount rate of A$10 per class

Book now!

Your investment for this experience is Aussie$100 or an amount negotiated with jen that fits your current circumstances including the country where you are located.
Book now at jenbarronyoga@gmail.com, join the conversation on facebook and when one ’10 Minutes – 10 Days – 1 Practice’ experience has completed – start another!

10 Minutes feels possible!