108 is the number of spiritual completion and is considered to be the number that represents the wholeness of existence. 108 days before the solstice is the perfect time to embark on a transformational journey.

This experience commences on Friday the 4th of September and concludes on Monday the 21st of December.

This is a time for you to dive deeper into YinYOGA and to discover what is beyond the physical practice for you. If you have been practicing YinYOGA for a while, or if you have never practiced before, or if you’re somewhere in between you are welcome to dive in.

This is a self-guided experience where you will receive information that you can access at times that are convenient for you. 1:1 CONVERSATIONS are scheduled at times that suit you either in person or online. Weekly messages sent directly to you (not a group) are on a platform of your choice eg. Messenger, WhatsApp etc. Customise this experience to suit you!

What you will receive:

  • An intro clip explaining the basics of YinYOGA
  • A one hour 1:1 CONVERSATION at the beginning of the experience to work out what you’d like to get out of the 108 days. This may include a tarot reading if you would like.
  • A clip every 15 days outlining the Yin elements – Earth, Fire, Wood, Water, Metal
  • A clip about YinYOGA Adventure – self guided practice
  • Free access to YinYOGA classes on jenbarronYOGA YouTube
  • A weekly message in relation to the element we are focusing on
  • Instant messaging on your preferred platform with me anytime you like during the programme
  • A one hour 1:1 CONVERSATION in the week leading up to the solstice exploring how you want to take this 108 experience forward. This may include tarot if you like
  • A closing clip from Cradle Mountain rounding out the experience of 108

Add on options:

  • Additional one hour 1:1 CONVERSATIONS (including tarot if requested) A$50 per CONVERSATION
  • 6 YinYOGA classes at a discounted rate of A$60
  • Hormone Balancing YOGA classes at a discount rate of A$10 per class
  • Solstice Mountain Climb at Cradle Mountain A$100

Book now!

This experience commences on Friday the 4th of September and concludes on Monday the 21st of December.

Your investment for this amazing opportunity is Aussie$108. That’s just A$1 a day! If this amount doesn’t fit your current circumstance (including the country where you are located) please contact jen to negotiate a price that suits you.

Book now by emailing jenbarronyoga@gmail.com or send a message! Make your payment and then join the conversation on facebook.